All good things go somewhere !

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New World chapter one continued…..

Hugo continued to watch he hoped the cause was not by human hand as it  would be attracting unwanted attention, god help them if not, the risk would be great to go there but he struggled with the thought, his experience over the years told him to simply stay alive best to stay put, but he was a risk taker and life was boring.

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New World

Hugo woke it was just before dawn this was good, he lay still straining his hearing for some considerable time his only movement was to grip the shot gun which lay under his right hand, hearing nothing untoward he got up instinctively making as little sound as possible moving to the other side of his sleeping platform a matter of a few steps, he then placed the shotgun which was fitted with a leather sling over this back barrels down and started climb the tree in front of him, he had carefully cleared a path up the tree through the branches sometime ago and this was now a morning ritual every now and again he paused and listened, daylight was now starting to illuminate the landscape from the east, reaching what he called the crows nest . He picked up binoculares which he had left hanging on a cut back branch, they were a very good pair idea for the task in hand, Hugo surveyed the landscape and he spotted a thin column of smoke rising around what he judged to be about two miles away his blood ran cold.

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